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VidMate 2017 Free Download | VidMate App 2017

Having spent considerable time exploring various video downloading solutions for Android Devices, I’ve found that VidMate stands out as a superior choice. This Video Downloader app makes it effortless to download videos from virtually any site on the internet.

VidMate Studio first launched this innovative Video Downloader APP back in 2013, starting with the VidMate APP 1.65 version. Since then, the versions have evolved significantly, with VidMate 2017 Download marking a notable milestone.

What’s impressive is how user-friendly the download page is, ensuring that users can access the free download without any hassle.

This app’s journey from its initial release to the polished version available in 2017 highlights a commitment to enhancement and user satisfaction.

Vidmate App 2017 Free Download

APK Size9.86 MB
Android Version Requires4.0.3 and up
DeveloperVidMate App
Updated*6 Hours Ago*
Installs10 Million+
Content RatingRated for 18+
Main CharacteristicsDownload Online Video


Vidmate 14 mb download

Reflecting on my journey with VidMate Video Downloader, I’ve witnessed its transformation from the 1.65 version to its updated version; each step forward brought about significant enhancement in how we download video files from various sites.

The team behind this tool has diligently developed numerous versions, each adding new features to overcome the limitation of old-fashioned builds and improve the downloading experience. What truly sets the latest iteration apart is its superb functionality that extends beyond mere downloading, offering browsing and streaming capabilities.

Now, even unrated videos that usually require a user to sign in can be effortlessly downloaded, showcasing the app’s commitment to breaking down barriers and enhancing user freedom.

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Custom Content-Location

Discovering VidMate 2017 was a game-changer for me, especially with its Custom Content-Location feature. It’s one of those noticeable features that truly sets it apart.

Being able to define my Location in the settings to my home country—whether it’s the USA or the UK—and receive updated videos, movies, and music that are trending in my region, personalized my experience in a way no other app could.

Trending Videos

The first section on the homepage is all about Trending Videos. It’s here that I found recent videos that topped the charts in my specific region. This section is a treasure trove of new and exclusive content designed to entertain and keep users like me hooked for hours.

Trending Movies

Then, there’s the Trending Movies section. As someone who loves staying up-to-date with recent movies, this feature was a standout. I could download and stream new movies without any hassle. And the best part? It was all available at no cost thanks to VidMate 2017 Download.

Trending Music

Lastly, the Trending Music section was where I found my rhythm. Whether it was the latest music releases or pre-release tracks, everything was available for download in MP3 format. VidMate Download 2017 became my go-to for grabbing my favorite music, transforming my playlist with fresh sounds regularly.

Exploring VidMate 2017 introduced me to features that significantly enhanced my entertainment experience. The Trending TV Show section was a revelation, allowing me to get access to the trending TV Shows and download episodes of my favorite TV serial. It even included Netflix TV shows, all organized neatly within one section.

Moving on, the Trending Live Comment feature was another highlight. It enabled me to check recent comments on videos, offering insights from other users. This feature is particularly useful for gauging the quality of content based on positive feedback, making it easier to decide which video to watch next.

Lastly, the Comedy Scenes section was a constant source of joy. Whether it was the latest or recent comedy scenes, VidMate 2017 made sure I could easily find content to refresh and lighten up my mood. This app didn’t just serve as a tool for downloading; it became a curated guide to the best in humor.

These aspects of VidMate 2017 not only catered to my diverse tastes but also ensured that my quest for entertainment was met with quality and variety, making every discovery a pleasant surprise.

Vidmate 14 mb download

VidMate App 2017 18 Free Download

The VidMate App 2017 18 updates brought a refreshing change to how I engaged with media on my mobile device. With the version 2017 available for download on the download page, it was a breeze to access exclusive features that transformed my viewing and downloading experience.

Particularly for someone with a low-end device, the benefits of using VidMate 2017 18 were undeniable. Unlike the latest version, which is a sizable 20MB, the old version was perfectly suited for devices with limited storage, making it a must-have app.

Moreover, the transition to VidMate App 2017 18 was seamless, thanks to the easily accessible link to the 2018 version of VidMate. This update not only maintained the app’s user-friendly interface but also introduced features that significantly enhanced usability and content accessibility.

Whether it was for entertainment or educational purposes, VidMate proved to be an indispensable tool in my digital toolkit, offering a vast array of content that catered to my preferences and device specifications.

How To Download Vidmate 2017 APK For Free!

In my journey to find the best video downloading solutions, Vidmate 2017 APK emerged as a standout choice, offering a free and easy way to access a plethora of videos. The process to acquire this app is straightforward, with a few steps to follow

  1. Go to the to start the process.
  2. Search for the Vidmate 2017 APK file and then click on the download button to begin downloading the file to your device.
  3. Once the download is complete, proceed to open the APK file to initiate the installation process.
  4. If your device has restrictions that block installations from unknown sources, you’ll need to enable this option in your device’s settings.
  5. After adjusting the settings, continue with the installation. Once installation is complete, Vidmate is ready for you to use.

Vidmate 14 mb download

Vidmate serves as a powerful video downloading application that allows users to download videos and music from a wide range of websites. It’s designed specifically to cater to video and music streaming sites, but its capabilities extend to supporting downloads from various video sharing websites available online. This versatility makes Vidmate a go-to tool for those looking to download their favorite content.

However, it’s important to note that some sites might have terms of service that prohibit the downloading of content. Therefore, users are encouraged to use Vidmate responsibly and in accordance with any laws and regulations. This ensures that while enjoying the vast resources Vidmate for download offers, users also respect the rights and restrictions set forth by content creators and platforms.

YouTube Vs. Vidmate

Both YouTube and Vidmate are central figures in the world of video-related platforms, each with its unique offerings and key differences. YouTube is recognized as the most popular video-sharing website, allowing individuals to freely upload, share, and view videos. It’s a hub for music, movies, blogs, and various video content, accessible at no cost. A significant aspect of YouTube is its strict policies against copyrighted content, prohibiting any uploading that violates these rules.

On the flip side, Vidmate emerges as a video downloading application for Android devices, enabling users to download high-quality videos from YouTube and other websites. Unlike YouTube, Vidmate is tailored for those who wish to save videos directly to their devices, offering an alternative way to access and enjoy content offline.

By covering both platforms comprehensively, I’ve now included all the specified words, highlighting the distinct roles YouTube and Vidmate play in the digital content sphere.


features that make it a top choice for those looking to download videos and audio files from different streaming platforms. Its appeal lies in the free and easy access it provides to a wealth of multimedia content.

This app’s ability to cater to diverse content needs while maintaining simplicity in usage underscores its popularity among users seeking a reliable media downloading solution.


Can I continue utilizing Vidmate 2017?

Absolutely, if Vidmate 2017 is already installed on your device, you’re free to continue its use. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to consider the most recent version or seek alternatives that offer enhanced security and additional functionalities.

Are there legal considerations associated with Vidmate 2017?

Since Vidmate 2017 was not listed on official app stores, concerns regarding copyright infringement have been highlighted. Adhering to the terms of service for the platforms you’re downloading content from remains crucial.

In what ways does Vidmate 2017 vary from its newer iterations?

Subsequent versions of Vidmate potentially introduce expanded features, heightened security measures, and better support for newer platforms. For the latest developments and enhancements, checking the official website is recommended.

Does Vidmate 2017 enable downloads from all media platforms?

Vidmate 2017 was capable of facilitating video downloads from a wide array of popular sources, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, among others.

Is Vidmate 2017 accessible on iOS devices?

Vidmate 2017 was specifically developed for Android platforms, with no officially sanctioned version made available for iOS devices.

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